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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 5.0 (Excellent)
Convenience - 5.0 (Excellent)
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Josephine Herrera 05/20/19
Recommend: Yes
This is one of the BEST storage facilities I've ever used. Every year I do my Spring Cleaning and I only need the space for a month as I sort thru what stays and what goes. I was so impressed by how clean and well maintained the place is. The staff are so nice and they even have a moving truck they lend out for FREE! Their prices are very reasonable. I will be seeing them very soon. I guarantee this is the best storage in the Hillsboro area, and well worth every penny.

Tina Gall 10/24/18
Recommend: Yes
I have had several storage units with different companies and this storage facility is by far the best of the best. The owner works on site and is very kind and knowledgeable. I have had my unit for 2 years with no problems at all.

Andrea Reavis 02/10/18
Recommend: Yes
Fantastic place to store your belongings
We have rented storage at least three times and every time has been incredibly easy, convenient, and they have amazing customer service! This facility is highly recommended!!

Anonymous 10/10/16
Recommend: Yes
Great place to store items
I've renting a large outdoor unit from them since Jan 2016. Have never had an issue, have direct deposit, always helpful and when you move in or out, provide use of their 15' moving truck for free.

Anonymous 10/10/16
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 07/04/16
Recommend: Yes

Nailah 07/04/16
Recommend: Yes
Best Facility Ever
I have been renting from this facility since Sept 2015 and the customer service is amazing. When I first stopped by the business before I rented a unit there were 2 guys that worked there. Jared is super helpful and no matter which guy get they believe in great customer service. I needed a larger unit and they were able to keep me on the same floor. The facility is bright, clean, safer than any other storage facility you can get and it's even temperature controlled. For what you get, you can't beat the price. They have about 6 large size hand trucks you can use so you don't have to make a ton of trips and you get free use of the truck when moving in or out. If I had to pick one thing that was most important to me, I would pick security of the business and the fact that it's so clean is just icing on the cake. Thanks guys!!

Anonymous 09/23/15
Recommend: Yes
Love it!
I've been renting here for a handful of months now. Online auto-pay is the bees knees. Moving in was super easy with the hand trucks provided, and the free use of the moving truck is going to make move out a bajillion times cheaper too! Staff was helpful, didn't try to upsell me at all. Got me set up on a day's notice too, which was a godsend.

Eric Chavez 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
Clean and priced right!
This place is very clean, safe and affordable. Have always received great customer care! I use their WINE LOCKER service...best one in town!

isaac walker 08/03/14
I've had an excellent time with this storage unit. The hours are excellent and the layout is nearly perfect. The only gripe i have is that there's no large trash bin for any extra junk. But this isn't that kind of storage unit place. This has decent security and is certainly upper end without the huge price tag that's associated with it. Sadly it was time for me to stop renting due to needing the money elsewhere. Best storage unit I've ever used.

Wendy 01/15/14
This is my first time ever renting a storage unit. I have to say, Jarod and Jerry have made it super easy, and not in the least intimidating! They walked me through every step of the way, and have been easy to contact if I had any questions. The facility itself is very clean, and also climate controlled, which was important to me, because I don't want my goofy rose-shaped candles to melt. : ) Security is very important to me as well. My stuff is not monetarily valuable, but if anything happened to my keepsake baby blankets, I would be heartbroken. They have security cameras everywhere, and that is very comforting! To top it off, they had the best prices around. I am very impressed, and am grateful to have found Premier Storage!!

David 06/22/13
Excellent facility. Friendly staff. Clean, brightly-lit loading dock, elevator, and hallways. Card-access exterior gate and elevators. Truly climate-controlled interior, air always feels fresh and clean inside. Very safe and comfortable facility. Nice front office and packing supplies selection. Great place!

Tani S. 02/02/13
(from Yelp) An extremely clean, storage unit that feels safe and secure and surprisingly affordable. They also kindly let you borrow their truck on move in/move out.

Bill E. 11/16/12
(from Yelp) I found them because of Yelp, I trusted them because of Yelp reviews and I got a deal because of their Yelp special. The real reason, though, that they get five stars is the free usage of their truck to store your stuff. What an incredible convenience and cost-saving. The friendly staff, clean premises and easy in/out were just a bonus.

Joe H. 11/03/12
(from Yelp.com) I probably shopped around at about a dozen different storage spots until I decided to go with Premier Storage. The guys seem friendly & alright (only had to speak with them face to face twice). The storage itself is well maintained, clean, secure & easy to navigate...all which are personally my biggest concerns with a storage place. The moving truck they give you to use is nice & new which no other storage place I shopped at gives you one upon rental. Overall, I've been very satisfied & never had to worry about my stuff...which should be a given with any competent storage facility. Pros: CLEAN FREE use of a moving truck when you move in. Payments can be done over the phone, automatic, or online. CLIMATE-CONTROLLED GREAT rates compared to what else I checked out there. Cons: Access Hours are only 6am-10pm, which isn't TOO bad...but I'm a night owl. :)

Carolina B. 09/21/12
(from Yelp) The guys who work here are great. Friendly, Helpful, Fun. and informative. You also get to have the mov ing truck when you first move in - which is a great thing...and don't worry...it is easy to drive! The place its self is amazing. It is nice to have our things in a safe place and not have to worry at all. The units are climate controlled so you never have to worry about too hot or your things freezing...or getting moisture. They lock up safe and sound. Every time you open your unit the light pops on to greet you. (Plus the tunes they have piped in are not bad!) Three words that are important...CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! What I like best though is knowing you can go down to your unit and sort - look around - whatever and be SAFE...the eye in the sky is watching...but I never once have been scared to be down there. We love it!