To answer some of the most frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ's below.
Q: Do you have moving trucks available to use?
A: Yes, most locations do have a company moving truck that can be rented either when moving your belongings into a storage unit or when you are moving out. Trucks are typically newer model vehicles that are convenient and easy to use. Most trucks have 14' cargo areas, automatic transmissions, air conditioning, roll-up loading doors, pull out ramps, and a hand truck available to use.

Check with the location that is most convenient for you about free rental of a truck to move into your unit. Please note that there are time and mileage restrictions with the free truck rental. Locations without a company truck do offer U-haul trucks for rent.
Q: Are my stored items insured?
A: Insuring your goods is highly recommended. First determine if your homeowners or renters insurance policy covers your possessions when storing outside of your primary residence. If the items are not covered, you can choose to obtain coverage at the time of your storage rental. Our manager will be able to inform you about rates and coverage options for insurance that we offer at all of our locations through an outside partner provider.
Insurance coverage begins once you complete the enrollment form and pay the first month's premium. The pay-as-you-go plan is paid monthly with your storage rent. Coverage will continue as long as you pay your storage rent and monthly insurance premium. Termination of the policy occurs when you terminate your storage rental or become 30 days delinquent in paying the policy premium.
To learn more about insurance coverage that is available to you, here is a link to the Customer Insurance program that is available through our partner, Bader Co. Bader_ Co_Insurance.com
Q: How much is the rent?
A: Every store offers a variety of different sized units that are always competitively priced. The best way to determine what you might pay and to help select the right size unit is to contact a conveniently located store directly and speak with one of our helpful store managers. And don't forget to use our Storage Calculator helper and also check out the Web Specials here on this site!
Q: How does my rental term work?
A: Rental of storage unit is a month-to-month agreement. Rent is prorated from the day you rent a unit through the end of that month. Each month thereafter, the monthly rental amount is due on the 1st of the month. (For example, if you rented a unit on June 16th that is $150 per month, you would pay the pro rated amount for that month of $75 at the time you are renting the unit. If you still need the storage unit past June, then $150 would be due on July 1st for the month of July.)
Q: Are statements sent? And can I make payments automatically or online?
A: Monthly invoices are not sent out as a reminder to pay rent. Businesses can set up billing if it is requested. An easy form of automati monthly payment is available that allows you to pay by either a debit or credit card. Ask our on-site store manager at anytime and they will be happy to set this service up for you if you like.
You may also pay your rental payment online through our website. Check the "My Account" page to see if your storage location is able to process online payments. All locations should be able to accommodate online payments before the end of the year.
Q: When are you open? When do I have access to my storage unit?
A: We are open seven days a week to serve you (excluding major holidays). Each store location has unique office hours, but are typically 9:00am or 9:30 am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturdays, and 12:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays.  Check the hours posted on the location that you choose for your storage needs.
You have access to your storage unit 365 days a year at most locations. Daily access hours are typically from 6:00am to 10:00pm.
Q: Do you sell packing and moving supplies?
A: In addition to offering a lock for your storage unit, every store carries a wide range of high-quality boxes and moving supplies. We also have specialty items available to protect and pack items such as dishes and glassware, wardrobes, beds, and couches.

Q: Do you offer vehicle storage options?

We do. We offer covered parking spaces at an affordable price.
Q: Do I need temperature control?

Temperature control is a good way to ensure that your belongings aren’t damaged by extreme or fluctuating temperatures. A good rule of thumb is to consider whether or not you would store your belongings in a garage long term. If you wouldn’t, then you’ll benefit from temperature control.
Q:  What is the 12 month rate guarantee? A:  Whether you're a current customer or considering renting a storage space, your rental rate will not increase for at least 12 months.  Do you think some of the larger companies can guarantee you that at the time of rental?  Not likely.